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J-51 (Tax Abatement)

When it comes to residential buildings, regular maintenance not only keeps the building in good shape and avoids expensive, long-term work, but also helps to keep the building filled with tenants. The City of New York offers the J-51 Tax Incentive program, which provides an abatement (a discount) off a building’s taxes resulting from certain, basic maintenance.

The J-51 Program, administered by Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), allows you to implement certain improvements (both internal and exterior) and awards benefits depending on how much you spend to maintain the property and where the property is located.

We’ve been successfully handling J-51 Applications for many years, since the program’s inception. Our knowledge, relationships with the people administering the program and our ongoing familiarity with the rules and regulations governing the program enables us to obtain excellent results for our clients. We also can assist you by working with your architect and/or contractors to insure we have the necessary information to maximize the results and get your benefits implemented quickly and without undue delay.

Our fees are commensurate with our performance as well as with the scope of what we can achieve for you, and we structure our fees and the payment of same through the project’s process and insure that you, as the client, are fully familiar with the progress of the matter.

Simply put, if you have a residential building for which you’re contemplating improvements, contact us as soon as possible so we can advise you how to proceed, as well as about the benefits to be gained from the J-51 process. You’ll be glad you did.

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